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The Phone Book will help you conquer the intimidation and fear that sets in when you start to dial. This is a MUST READ for everyone that uses the telephone.

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"You can't talk yourself out of a problem you behaved yourself into." Stephen Covey #quote #entrepreneur #startuphttps://t.co/rUhcSHSUiX

2016 BDC Mentorship Award Recipient

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Business is on the rise because of "phone fear". BDC award coverage.


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WATCH THE INTERVIEW! Our ability to communicate successfully on the phone today is directly related to our ability to understand that everyone we are calling is overwhelmed.

My childhood memories of Christmas remain very clear - everything from the taste of tourtiere after Midnight Mass, the smell of the tree in the den, the sight of presents delivered by Santa Claus - and the sound of relatives sharing stories, filling our house with laughter throughout the season. But living as we did in Northern Ontario, not all...
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Don't Be Insecure! It's Not About You.
Everyone is busy. If you're waiting for a phone call to be returned, remember that the expected caller is probably busy and they're not avoiding you. Don't take it personally if someone doesn't get back to you right away.
Be Direct And Eliminate Iffy Language.
Words are the body language of a phone call. Uncertain language sends an unclear message to the listener and weakens the credibility of your call. Get rid of those "likes", "ums", "I'm just calling" and get to the point.
Focus On The Conversation
With Bluetooth technology and speakerphones, it’s easy to multitask while we’re on the phone — we check email, sort papers or surf the net. Stop. Focus on the conversation and you’ll get more out of it.
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