Mary Jane:
The Phone Lady

Who is the phone lady and why is she the queen of effective communication skills?

An accomplished author, speaker and facilitator, Mary Jane Copps aims to improve communication at all levels. Her illustrious career found her on the end of the telephone as a manager, a journalist, a salesperson, a researcher and a fundraiser where she sharpened her customer service phone etiquette and interview skills.

Mary Jane has spent 31 years analyzing the psychology of a phone call, information she now shares with entrepreneurs, not-for-profits, corporations and government departments in her mission to improve telephone interactions between businesses and clients (and vice versa!). The Phone Lady also helps her clients deal with their phone phobia and get them on track to become effective communicators who turn every phone call they make into lasting business relationships.

All of her clients have one thing in common – they need to clearly and succinctly communicate by phone with both existing and potential clients, customers, donors and sponsors. Whether it is a receptionist taking the call, a salesperson or fundraiser placing the call or a CEO accepting the call, everyone can – and should – improve their existing telephone communication skills.