Are You Tone Deaf?

March 13, 2016
Mary Jane Copps

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One of my most closely held beliefs is that we can accomplish anything, work with anyone, see our lives, businesses and even this world of our’s evolve in anyway we wish, if we communicate effectively with each other.

I’m not alone in this belief. Most of you share it with me and the truth of this is evident each day as we text, tweet, blog, email and post our thoughts, ideas , feelings and wisdom. We have an innate desire to communicate with each other and much of our technological advancement is inspired by this desire.

Yet we often ignore one vital ingredient of “effective communication”  – how it sounds. We have become so enthralled, seduced, habituated by our keyboards/keypads, we are neglecting the importance of auditory information. We are choosing to be tone deaf.

By eliminating tone of voice from our communication with customers, prospects, investors, friends and family, we create delays, misunderstandings, assumptions and expectations that can result in lost time, revenue, opportunity and intimacy

Take for example a customer who emails you because they are unhappy with your work on a particular project. Can you tell from their words on your screen the depth of their unhappiness? Are they disappointed or furious? And what are their current expectations? Of course they want things to improve, but when exactly? And what is their definition of improvement?

The answers to all these questions – and more – will be easily available to you if you pick up the phone and speak to them. Their tone of voice will hold vast amounts of information that you will be able to respond to immediately, creating clarity while forging a stronger relationship.

But all of this will be lost to you should you decide to create more words on a screen. No volley of emails can substitute for what is contained in one, real-time conversation.

Today, before you click on keys, make sure you are not choosing to be tone deaf.

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