Call Into Fall – The Formula

October 4, 2009
Mary Jane Copps

How many cold calls do you NEED to be making? There are several ways to figure this out, but here’s the one I use most often: 1. What is the (roughly) average amount of money an average client will spend with you in one year? For example, I might base this on full-day workshops, minus travel and expenses, so use $1,000 as my figure. 2. What revenue do you want to achieve in the coming year? I’ll use the example of billing $100,000 this year. 3. Divide the answer from question one ($1,000) into the answer for question two ($100,000) to arrive at the number of clients you need to achieve your desired revenue. In this case the answer is 100. 4. Take the answer from question three and multiply it by 10- in this example the answer would then be 1,000. So, to reach my revenue goal of $100,000, I need to work with (roughly) 100 clients and to make sure I have 100 clients, I need to make 1,000 cold calls. I’m sure this looks like a crazy number to you, but if I work 45 weeks of the year, I only have to make 22 cold calls a week, or 4 a day – a task that can take me less than 30 minutes. So by 9:30 each day I can complete my most vital marketing task and be building the strongest foundation possible for my company. Certainly anyone who is passionate about their company or their product/service can make 4 cold calls each day? If not … why not? Next week I’ll take a look at some of the reasons people don’t pick up the phone. If you have a moment, please send me a bit of information on your reasons for not cold calling. I’m interested in learning from you and including them in future posts.

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