Communicating Your Desire to be of Service

April 6, 2014
Mary Jane Copps


I want to thank my dear friend Janet E. Bardon,  HR Administrator,  Department of Psychiatry,  Dalhousie University for this week’s post.

One of my core values in phone communication is we must always speak so that our customers “hear” our desire to be of service. The importance of this is beautifully illustrated in a post by Capital Health that Janet took the time to share with me. It takes less than a minute to read but its content replaces hours of training.

While our clients may not call us with the level of challenges experienced by the people Vickie serves, her ability to visualize herself on the other end of the call and ask “What would I wish to hear?” is the essence of outstanding customer service. I encourage you to read Vickie’s story: What Customer Service Means to Vickie Devenish. 

Enjoy your PhoneWork everyone!


The Phone Lady On the Road


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10 – Building Relationships by Phone with the Bedford Eye Care Centre – Bedford

15 – Entrepreneur of the Year, Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Network – MCing – Halifax

16 – Telephone Execellence workshop with The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada, Halifax Chapter

22 – Referrals Rich Agency with The Cooperators Group Limited – Bedford

23 – Tell Me More – Increasing Sales Through the Art of Conversation, CYBG High Fliers Program, Bedford

24 – Phone Skills for Your Job Search, Addvocacy ADHA & Life Skills Coaching, Dartmouth

24 – Telephone Excellence workshop with ABC Insurance Company – Dartmouth

30 – Tell Me More – Increasing Sales Through the Art of Conversation (for Nova Scotia’s Tourism Industry) – White Point Beach Resort







  1. WOW!!! Thanks for sharing Mary Jane 🙂

  2. Gail says:

    Hi Mary Jane,

    Thanks for sharing Vickie’s story and, like Debi, my reaction was “WOW!”

    Certainly, this is especially resonant for me given my work in wellness, and my family’s significant history with chronic illnesses and hospitals, but it’s a great lesson for us all!!


    • The Phone Lady says:

      Thanks, Gail, for sharing your comments. I love finding stories like Vickie’s but this was the first time I sent one out. The reaction has been so positive that I’m sure I’ll be sharing more in the future.

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