Powerful Words: The Reason For My Call

February 10, 2013
Mary Jane Copps

One of the most important “tricks” to effective telephone communication lies in acknowledging this simple fact – every phone call is an interruption.

While this was true when I began my career on the phone (1987), people still had “space” in their day. They could, and would, find time to listen and talk.  And … there were no cellphones!

Today we all have schedules that contain too much to do in too little time. And we carry our phones with us, so the “ring”  can intrude on meetings, meals, driving, deadlines, personal time…

Effective communication lies in acknowledging the interruption and working with it. We do that by letting the person we’ve called know we are not going to waste their time, that we have prepared for this call and are able to get to the point.

When someone answers their phone, use one of these phrases at the front end of your conversation:

“The reason for my call today is …”

“I’m calling you today because …”

“This call is about …”

“The purpose of my call is …”

Phrases like the ones above grab attention and they clearly state your respect for the person’s time.

If you are not already using these phrases, I encourage you try one out  this week, regardless of type of phone calls you are making – sales calls or calls to suppliers for  quotes, or … . You will experience a positive difference in your conversations.

And I invite you to come back here at the end of the week and share your experiences.

What comes after these phrases? Well, if it is a sales call, it’s your 20-second-or-less pitch, a crafted statement that speaks directly to your prospect’s needs.  See below for a variety of ways to catch up with me to learn more about this.

Happy dialing everyone!



  1. Jeff says:

    Just discovered you. Browsed the site, your client list and then found your blog. Read this post (first), then felt compelled to comment: I Love It!
    Seriously, I’m a big, big believer in being effective on the phone and I love any and all tricks to do so. One of my personal favourites is simply smiling while talking. (It works wonders as I’m sure you already preach)

    Anyway, glad I found you and I see you have a weekly habit of posting, so I’ll be sure to return.


    • The Phone Lady says:

      Hi Jeff,

      Great to hear from you. Yes, the smile is vital. Many (many) years ago I took a telephone training course from Bell and they gave us a little desk mirror to put beside your phone. I’m still using it as my reminder to smile. Thanks for the post!

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