@thephoneladyca Hope your students listen to you! We've made two changes to our campaign based upon Mary Jane's input over the last year. They both work! Mary Jane, you said an increase of around "25 to 30%" for callbacks but it's much higher for me since I've used your suggestion. Really appreciate it!

Wendell Waldron

"We contacted The Phone Lady because we wanted to increase the conversion rate on our qualified leads. Mary Jane really helped us unpack and reframe how we are communicating with our customers so we could actually deliver the value we wanted to offer. After a couple hours of direct coaching we were able to implement a new approach that doubled our conversion rate. She is now one of our "go to" experts as we continue to build our company."

Will Martin

Co-founder, WoodsCamp

Will Martin
Co-founder, WoodsCamp

I really enjoyed your workshop. I myself, only being 20, have learned so much about not only telephone communication but have also gained a great amount of confidence, with the knowledge I am now able to walk away with. Thank you for everything you taught me in such a short amount of time. I will continue to use all the knowledge to progress and grow.

Kayla Carmody
Apple Self Storage

Excellent pace and content. Delivered at the right level for a diverse audience. Good preparation to suit our needs, not a canned presentation.

Scott Allan
Owner, Apple Self Storage

Excellent workshop. You were very good at tying this in to OUR INDUSTRY.

Cory R. Lunn
Mattatall-Varner Funeral Home

I really enjoyed Mary Jane's presentation. She was engaging and informative. It was very interactive. Her experience will be invaluable to helping us better serve our customers and potential customers.

Lori Wells
Site Manager, Apple Self Storage

The straight forward, no nonsense delivery and interaction was easy to take. Three hours can be a long time to maintain a group's focus but that did not happen. The group was genuinely engaged throughout.

Bill VanGenne, Technical Services Manager
Arrow Construction Products

Very well organized. Filled with USEFUL information and tips and tricks. Mary Jane was VERY energetic and enthusiastic.

Jessica Randall
Funeral Director, Snows

"I've been a fan of The Phone Lady for a number of years and have recently had the pleasure of making use of her services! Mary Jane's compassionate approach helped me unearth the source of my phone fears, discover wording to help alleviate them and learn strategies to complete successful cold calls with new found confidence! Thank you ever so much for your help - your impact is truly lasting and I call on your words of wisdom as regular reminders when phone intimidation strikes!"

Lorelei Phillips
Opportunities Liaison, L7 Opportunities Consulting

I enjoyed this workshop very much. I thought that Mary Jane was very knowledgeable and had many tips and suggestions that will help me out with customers on the phone as well as the difficult calls that we sometimes have to deal with. She was very respectful and courteous while ensuring that we were at ease and I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who deals with customer service on the phones. Thank you, Mary Jane, for a job well done.

Crystal Jamieson, Advertising
Times & Transcript

I have taken or been part of many a learning session; your's has been by far the most entertaining and enjoyable. Thank you. I have learned so much today. Thank you so much.

Jarrid Gallant
Apple Self Storage

Your stories make everything come to life. You're a wonderful speaker!

Teresa Wilkins
Service Specialist, Johnson Inc.

You've helped me understand so much towards conversations on the phone. I'm more of an email or text person, but after today I'm completely looking forward to trying all the amazing tips you've given us. It truly is important how we speak and listen to people. Thank you very much.

Ashley Boudreau
Funeral Director, C.H. Boudreau Funeral Home Ltd.

This workshop was awesome. Thank you for all of the tips & tools. I look forward to engaging my potential clients and getting to the sale.

Sales Associate, Apple Self Storage

Very informative session and I learned a lot to help me improve upon my skills. I would recommend this workshop to any company that relies on phone services as part of their business model.

Scott Costain
Customer Service Manager, Arrow Construction Products Limited

Amazing workshop! I will be bringing this information back to my office to share with my co-workers. I think this information is useful for anyone in any aspect of their life (personal or professional) and will be spreading the word (by phone :) ). Thanks!

Angela MacDonald
Clinical Education Coordinator, Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine

Excellent presentation, covered all topics thoroughly. Entertaining and informative.

Matthew McGee
Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Arrow Construction Products Limited

You, Mary Jane, were simply amazing. I appreciated your being so personable and approachable. Your information is invaluable! I'm looking forward to implementing all I've gleaned from you today.

Dinah Wray
Site Manager, Apple Self Storage

Very informative. Easy to visualize. Relevant to our roles.

Colleen Warren
Operations Manager, Johnson Inc.

Fantastic workshop. Having recorded phone calls to listen to was really helpful. All of the advice was relevant and useful.

Kaitlyn Gordon
Sales Associate, Apple Self Storage

Fabulous workshop. Great tips and tricks which will result in financial gain for the company.

Sarah Thompson
CAIB, Sales Specialist, Johnson Inc.

Mary Jane’s reputation precedes her, and is well-earned! She enthusiastically demonstrates how effectively using the phone is not only current but remains essential. The content + delivery was excellent!

Gail Godreau
Lighthouse Wellness Strategies

Essential knowledge for all employees dealing with the public. Great tips on how to leave messages. Good flow to workshop from start to finish – never got dull!

Fran Forget
Clean Nova Scotia

Thank you, Mary Jane, for a very well informed workshop. i will certainly take your advice in dealing with customers over the phone. Very well done!

Matt Young
Inside Sales, Arrow Construction Limited

This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended and I have been to a lot. You are a wonderful facilitator and very easygoing. You are knowledgeable and comfortable conveying your message. Great job!

Shelley Dorey

I worked with Mary Jane for over four years early in my sales career. She is both an excellent salesperson and an inspired teacher. I continue to rely on her training in organization, presentation, closing and customer service skills. I know I am a more successful, profitable and confident salesperson due to her coaching and support.

Wendell Waldron
Partner, Influence Online Marketing

I am an experienced consultant and business owner with over a decade of experience in the Africa/Asia/Pacific Rim countries. After settling in Halifax I found I was spending many frustrating hours cold calling potential clients without securing many appointments, I quickly realized that I needed a better understanding of the cold calling culture in Canada.

I had the pleasure of working with Mary Jane for several weeks during March. Mary Jane was diligent in understanding my business; she quickly understood the challenges I was facing and offered valuable insight coupled with some awesome ideas to improve my appointment rate.
Mary Jane’s advice was sound; after putting her advice into practice, my cold calling has been focussed and appointment rate has improved by 50%. Our consultants in North America have also incorporated Mary Jane’s insight into their cold calling scripts resulting in a marked improvement in their appointment rates.

Mary Jane’s knowledge saved me time and helped increase my client base, I have no hesitation in recommending Mary Jane’s services.

Claudina Whisken
Director of Business Development, Thomas International Maritimes

I feel like spending the rest of the day calling people I’ve never met!

Natalie Boutilier
Sales Manager at Four Points by Sheraton Halifax

A great workshop! I learned so much from this that I am actually looking forward to calling existing and potential clients. I really enjoyed how you cater to individual questions to general situations that can be applied to all.

Ryan Meaney
Halifax Hype

Thank you Mary Jane. All of the advice and tips you have provided were extremely relevant and timely for the purpose of the programs that we are carrying out. I am looking forward to putting them into action and hoping to have more enjoyable calls!

Laura Gareau
Clean Nova Scotia

Fabulous day! Anyone who uses the phone to conduct any part of their job/business can benefit from this comprehensive workshop! I am leaving feeling motivated and inspired to do my job better!

Anne Swan
Alumni/Development Officer

This is probably the best workshop I have ever attended. I love the size! I loved the subject matter and how it was presented. I’m zoomed in and eager to begin implementing my new skills.

Fran Cumming

I found this to be a very informative workshop which was delivered in an informal and fun manner. I really enjoyed this session and am very glad I came. Thank you.

Brenda Marsden
Admissions Officer

It’s not often I walk away from a training session and wish it had been longer. Great substance developed in a professional manner.

James Stephen
Sales Manager, Westin Nova Scotian

I took Mary Jane's advise from a 90 minute workshop and got a return on investment of 5000%. Using her strategies and techniques, my return of 50X the workshop fee is from just one client that I had written off as not interested anymore... yeah, just one client and I know there'll be more.

Mary Jane helped me achieve these results in an easy-going and enjoyable workshop that was fun to attend and obviously was very informative.

Steve Foran
Giveraising Development Services

Amazing training! Great for any sales rep. Inside or out. Eye opening in terms of what small things can matter, including voicemail. Encouraging/motivating in terms of making me want to get on the phone. Very professional and fun/interactive. THANK YOU!!

Stephen McKellar
District Manager, Major Accounts, ADP

A great day, very informative. I look forward to creating a “wow” experience over the phone. Great tips for improvement!

Trena Crewe
Director, Donor Relations, IWK Health Centre Foundation

Excellent course with amazing take aways that we can apply to our prospecting. Mary Jane was very engaging and provided us with the tools to be successful in our sales role to help set us apart from our competition. Thank you so much!

Melissa Horwath
Sales Manager, Toronto Marriott Downtown

An excellent course! Taught me what I can do, and will do, to differentiate myself and the hotels I represent from our competition. Pace was good. Mary Jane is very engaging. Highly recommended for anyone who spends a large portion of their day on the phone.

Sherrie Fortier
Business Development Sales Manager, Marriott Hotels & Resorts Canada

Incredibly insightful and will definitely apply techniques learned from the workshop. It will better any business! Mary Jane had an answer for everything we threw at her.

Alexandra Taylor
Education Coordinator, Oxford Learning

This was a great workshop! It takes something that should be so simple (but is really scary) and breaks it down into a method that makes sense and is do-able. Shared great info – lots of useful information. The examples were great to hear. I would have enjoyed a longer class! Thank you.

Emily-Jo Bell
Sales Manager, Residence Inn, Moncton