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March 27, 2016
Mary Jane Copps


Business executive talking on the phone and laughing


Presence is a noun, not a verb; it is a state of being, not doing.

Debbie Hall

Earlier this week I listened again to Debbie Hall’s brief essay “The Power of Presence”, part of the This I Believe collection which I return to often for inspiration and perspective. While Debbie’s essay speaks to the importance of presence in emotional/traumatic circumstances, her recognition of presence as a noun provides all of us with necessary wisdom.

It ‘s true that our lives are full to brimming. We are continually scrambling for more time. We work on the task in front of us while thinking about what’s next – and next – and next. No wonder a phone call is being labeled as “unwelcome interruption”, “annoying intrusion”or “irritating distrubance”. And yet …

When we allow ourselves to be fully present during a phone call, we create a level of human connection comparable only to the intimate one-on-one moments we so cherish with family, friends and loved ones.

Giving someone our presence, being fully with them … it is who we are, who we choose to be. And when we make this choice, phone conversations unfold, revealing information, possibility, opportunity.

And it’s easy to make a phone call distraction free – close your door, look away from your screen, shut your eyes if you need to and be present to your customer, your prospect, your funder. Answer your phone and simply be available. Allow yourself a few moments to stop doing. And you’ll discover … something amazing.

Enjoy your phone work everyone!

In Case You Missed It

I’ve had the great priviledge of working with Skana Gee, publicist extraordinarie. Her creativity and perseverance garnered me incredible media exposure earlier this month. Here are some samples:

Canada AM – CTV

Global Halifax

22 Minutes – CBC

The Globe & Mail 

Maritime Noon – CBC

The St. John’s Morning Show – CBC

What’s The Phone Lady Doing? 

March 29 – Master Class in Phone Communication for Small Business & Startups, 3plus Corporation, Moncton, NB

April 6 – Phone Sales Excellence, Globus Family of Brands, Toronto, ON

April 7 – Phone Communication Excellence, Knowledge First Financial, Saskatchewan (Tele-training session)

April 12 – Phone vs Email, Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit (Tele-training session)

April 13 – Phone vs Email, Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit (Tele-training session)

April 13 – Crafting a Perfect Script, Pearson Embanet, Toronto, ON (Tele-training session)

April 14 – Phone Skills for Job Search and on the Job, Teamwork Cooperative/The Workbridge, Halifax, NS

April 19 – Telephone Talent, RBC, Otttawa, ON (Tele-training session)

April 19 – Phone Fear to Phone Fabulous, CBDC NOBL, New Glasgow, NS

April 20 – Telephone Sales Skills, The Oyster Group, Dartmouth, NS

April 21 – Telephone Excellence, Nature Conservancy of Canada (Tele-training session)

April 22 – Create Consistent Revenue, Advanced Management  & Mentorship Program, Centre for Women in Business, Halifax

April 25 – Phone Fear to Phone Fabulous, CBDC NOBL, Truro, NS

Ma y 11 – Ring Into Spring: A Full-Day Workshop on Crafting  & Executing Your Sales Plan (8 participants only), Halifax

May 12  – Phone Fear to Phone Fabulous, CBDC Cumberland, Amherst, NS

June 14 – Phone Fear to Phone Fabulous, CEED, Halifax, NS

July 20 – Phone Fear to Phone Fabulous, CEED, Halifax, NS

September 13 – Phone Fear to Phone Fabulous, CEED, Halifax, NS

October 19 – Phone Fear to Phone Fabulous, CEED, Halifax, NS

November 30 – Phone Fear to Phone Fabulous, CEED, Halifax, NS


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