CNN's Harry Enten asks why we’re avoiding phone calls and whether we can be coached through our telephone-related nerves in this new Margins of Error podcast featuring Mary Jane. LISTEN HERE.

Everyone Can Communicate More Effectively on the Phone

By revealing the psychology involved in phone communication, we provide clients with simple, logical and easy methods for improving their telephone conversations.

The Phone Lady


From selling to customer service and retention, from discovery calls to finding employment, phone communication continues to be a vital component of increased success. Why? Because the sound of the human voice contains information that cannot be captured by words on a screen.

Sharing ideas, thoughts and information, in real-time, sparks innovation and builds strong, long-lasting relationships. Picking up the phone is a call to action. Whatever your goal, conversations move you forward. Interested in learning more? Dig deeper into this website or call 1-877-404-3290.

Mary Jane Copps

Mary Jane Copps is The Phone Lady

We've made two changes to our campaign based upon Mary Jane's input over the last year. They both work! Mary Jane, you said an increase of around "25 to 30%" for callbacks but it's much higher for me since I've used your suggestion. Really appreciate it!

- Wendell Waldron, Partner, Influence Online Marketing

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Are you struggling to inspire conversations with your prospects and begin building trust and relationships? I can help you find the right words ... and the right process to create the conversations that lead to increased sales. Want to know more? Click here.

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