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About Mary Jane Copps

The Phone Lady

The Phone Lady

An accomplished author, speaker and facilitator, Mary Jane Copps is passionate about creating excellent communication. During her career, going as back as far as supporting herself through university, she has always relied on effective conversations to make things happen - as a receptionist, a manager, a journalist, a salesperson, a researcher and an entrepreneur.

Since starting her first business in 1987, Mary Jane has been analyzing the psychology of phone communication. Today, whether she’s working with entrepreneurs, not-for-profits, corporations or government organizations, she uses this knowledge and skill to improve all of their conversations (phone, video, in-person or email) with stakeholders, funders, clients and prospects ... and helps them build stronger, long-lasting relationships.

Mary Jane has worked with over 700 clients since launching The Phone Lady brand in 2006. And she has trained over 15,000 individuals, giving them the necessary skills to increase revenue and customer satisfaction through her proven communication techniques. Throughout each year she participates in a limited number of “cold calling” projects, allowing her to continually test her theories and adapt them to the ever-changing business communication landscape.

Mary Jane works with large corporations, small businesses and startups throughout North America, and in England and Australia. She has long-standing NDAs with several of North America’s best-known companies. In the financial sector, her clients currently represent $2.7 trillion in assets under management.

As a personal coach, Mary Jane works with individuals, helping them find and embrace their strongest communication skills and use them as the foundation for excellent conversations.

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Mary Jane's compassionate approach helped me unearth the source of my phone fears, discover wording to help alleviate them, and learn strategies to complete successful cold calls with newfound confidence! Thank you ever so much for your help - your impact is truly lasting and I call on your words of wisdom as regular reminders when phone intimidation strikes!

- Lorelei Phillips

The Phone Book

The Phone Book is a practical MUST READ for every entrepreneur and salesperson!
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What's The Phone Lady doing?

  • One-on-one sales process creation with business owners/entrepreneurs
  • Sales training webinars with pharmaceutical outbound sales teams
  • Fundraising and sponsorship communication webinars with national team
  • Phone skills for job search with career-change organization
  • Sales training on outbound calls for financial advisors
  • Auditing phone conversations and creating phone communication protocols manual for Atlantic Canadian natural resource company
  • Custom communication workshop on the working with compassion, self-awareness, emotional triggers and detachment in both conversations and email for a Canadian university
  • Cold calling for lead generation marketing firm
  • Cold calling for corporate education specialist
  • Creating and delivering phone etiquette module for new industry-specific college

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