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The “Tell” of Telephone

By Linda Daley | July 6, 2014

Open-ended questions are the key to successful phone conversations with both customers and prospects – but we don’t always think of them quickly. Here’s my favourite. – I rely on it constantly and hear it used regularly by journalists:  “Tell me more.” As in: “Tell me … Read more

Don’t Chat with Strangers

By Linda Daley | June 22, 2014

This week I’m introducing you to Peggy Issenman, owner of the graphic design firm Peggy & Co., based here in Halifax. I have known Peggy for several years as we have friends in common and have found ourselves enjoying each other’s company at birthday and … Read more

Communication Breakdown

By Linda Daley | June 15, 2014

When communication between a customer and a company falls apart, it’s usually because the company representative forgot the #1 rule of great service … It’s Not About You! The example below provided courtesy of Scott Anderson: I recently called a well-known hardware store chain to … Read more

One Step, One Dial

By Linda Daley | June 8, 2014

I have a very clear memory of the first time I met Crane Stookey. It was on a blustery winter’s evening and I was giving a two-hour presentation on phone skills. I may be mistaken, but I believe he was in the launch stages of … Read more

Five Ways to Make a Good First Impression

By Linda Daley | June 1, 2014

The month of June has arrived … and with it my deadline to complete the manuscript for my upcoming book, appropriately called The Phone Book.  And I need your help! While I’m struggling to put words in the right order for my publisher Boularderie Island Press,  I … Read more

No Need for Speed

By Linda Daley | May 25, 2014

“The trouble with talking too fast is you may say something you haven’t thought of yet.” Ann Landers Time spent on the phone, whether it’s with friends and family or with clients and prospects, is intimate communication. Next to being in the same room with someone, … Read more

The Opportunities in “No”

By Linda Daley | May 11, 2014

Dear Phone Lady: How can I continue to pick up the phone when I keep hearing “No”? To answer this question I need to go back to the beginning of my days on the phone. I started my first business in 1987.  My business partner … Read more

Legislation May Impact How You Sell

By Linda Daley | May 4, 2014

A thank you to Linda Daley, President of the eNewsletter Boutique Daley Progress  for inspiring this post. She’s done a lot of research on Canada’s Anti Spam Legislation (CASL) and alerted me to possibilities I’d been ignoring. The basic guideline is this – as of July 1st, unless … Read more

Feel the Fear – Do It Anyway!

By Linda Daley | April 27, 2014

Five years before I was born, an accident took place that had a huge impact on my life. A truck carrying metal rods came to a sudden stop in front of the car my dad was driving. One of the rods went through the windshield … Read more

The Value of Preparation

By Linda Daley | April 13, 2014

Thanks to David Holt, fellow Thought Leader and Editor in Chief, Soar Media Inc., for inspiring this post. David shared with me a phone story. He gave a business associate a referral. This is something we all do from time to time. We’ll say something … Read more

Communicating Your Desire to be of Service

By Linda Daley | April 6, 2014

I want to thank my dear friend Janet E. Bardon,  HR Administrator,  Department of Psychiatry,  Dalhousie University for this week’s post. One of my core values in phone communication is we must always speak so that our customers “hear” our desire to be of service. … Read more

No Call? Then “Yes” Is Still Possible!

By Linda Daley | March 30, 2014

My thanks to Phil O’Neal of Taylor Forge Engineered Systems and to voice talent Natasha Marchewka for inspiring this post. Dismay is a common reaction when I talk to entrepreneurs, salespeople and fundraisers about follow up. The discipline and persistence involved is uncomfortable for most people. And … Read more

The AABC’s of Leaving Message – Part IV

By Linda Daley | March 23, 2014

We all walk away from creating long-lasting valuable relationships and increasing our revenue because we refuse to do this one thing  – the “C” of leaving messages – continue calling! Persistence is what makes things happen. Consider this quote from Steve Foran: “I took Mary … Read more

The AABC’s of Leaving Messages – Part III

By Linda Daley | March 16, 2014

“B” stands for Be Brief or Be Precise. Most of us would immediately say “yes” to having more time; our days are filled to capacity. This is why a loooooong voice mail message is unappreciated, often unanswered and sometimes deleted without ever being heard. The … Read more

The AABC’s of Leaving Messages – Part II

By Linda Daley | March 9, 2014

Irritating and frustrating are the two most common words I hear when people talk about “phone tag”. Think about that for a moment … is this how you want to make your clients or prospects feel – irritated and/or frustrated? And take it one step further – … Read more

The AABC’s of Leaving Messages – Part I

By Linda Daley | March 2, 2014

Leaving a message is one of the basics of effective telephone communication yet many of us find ourselves stumbling “at the sound of the tone”. The first “A” of message leaving stands for Always, as in always leave a message. Of course, there’s an exception … Read more

Listen, Respond, Ask for More

By Linda Daley | February 23, 2014

It is vital in any business, whether in a face-to-face meeting or over the phone, that we learn more about our prospects and customers. How can we truly be of value to them, serve them, if we only work with our preconceived notions or assumptions … Read more

The Forgotten Contributor

By Linda Daley | February 16, 2014

I’m sure I’m not alone when I admit that I have been packing up my things and saying my farewells at the end of a committee or board meeting only to be startled by a voice arising from the middle of the table. “Thanks for … Read more

Are You an Enthusiast?

By Linda Daley | February 9, 2014

In my last post I talked about the enthusiast and why communicating with them can be difficult. Even as I wrote that piece I knew my clarity came from deep personal experience. Its embarrassing to admit to myself let alone to you, but here goes … Read more

Beware The Enthusiast!

By Linda Daley | January 26, 2014

We’ve all experienced it – a conversation with someone about an idea or product or service and they practically gush with enthusiasm. They ask great questions, add valuable information, want to participate. They lift our spirits and increase our optimism. But there’s a dark side. … Read more

Location in Real Estate; Follow Up in Sales

By Linda Daley | January 19, 2014

This week I am pleased to present  a “phone story” submitted by Maureen Farmer, owner and manager of Word Right Career and HR Consulting. Perhaps you have a story you’d like to share? Details at the end of this post.  As a sole practitioner in … Read more

What Do Your Customers Hear?

By Linda Daley | January 12, 2014

Happy New Year everyone! I’m certainly looking forward to an abundant and joyful 2014 and am so pleased I can share it with you. My holiday, which was perfect, did provide this week’s phone story. Our days of family, friends and food meant we did … Read more

3 “Must Do’s” for B2B Sales in 2014 (Part III)

By Linda Daley | December 23, 2013

I’ll keep this brief … and so must you! It is vital to your sales success that you practice precision, brevity, efficiency. All of our prospects, and customers, want more of our most valuable resource – time. When we show respect for our prospect’s time … Read more

3 “Must-Do’s” for B2B Phone Sales in 2014 (Part II)

By Linda Daley | December 15, 2013

Using email to sell to prospects and clients without any conversation is like working on a jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing. The end result won’t be what you wanted and … it won’t be as much fun! It isn’t that I don’t appreciate email. Know … Read more

The Phone Loves a Tight Deadline!

By Linda Daley | December 9, 2013

For this, my 174th blog post, I am delighted to introduce my first guest writer, Maureen Farmer of Word Right Career & HR Consulting This is the story of Hanipe. Originally from Africa, Hanipe came to Canada after completing her combined business and IT degrees … Read more

3 “Must-Do’s” for B2B Phone Sales in 2014 (Part I)

By Linda Daley | December 1, 2013

If you or your team are responsible for reaching business decision makers by phone, you need to acknowledge the subtle shifts that have taken place in the past two years. And then you have to adapt … or see both revenue and morale falter. The … Read more

Stories of Do and Don’t

By Linda Daley | November 24, 2013

Recent work calling into Vancouver has provided a great story of how not to answer the phone: At one association I was greeted by what I’ll call an “unengaged” receptionist. She wasn’t unpleasant, but she wasn’t welcoming either. She did not use her name when … Read more

Quickly Creating a Negative Impression

By Linda Daley | November 17, 2013

This past Thursday, while doing some phonework, I encountered a phone option that, while I knew of its existence, I’d never experienced in a business setting. And I hope I never do again! Here’s the story: I had about 90 minutes to spend on a … Read more

But It’s Not About You!

By Linda Daley | November 11, 2013

Driving home from Guysborough last Tuesday I had ample opportunity to listen to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s apology statement. It played on the radio  several times and, of course, there are lots of similarities between radio content and a phone conversation.  While I could comment … Read more

Not Only Words, But Nuance

By Linda Daley | November 3, 2013

The most powerful gift of phone communication is – nuance. Coming from the French “nuer”, meaning to shade, nuance is about subtle differences in tone, in colour, in meaning – the differences that, when we hear them, allow us to truly serve our customers and … Read more

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