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Check Up On Yourself

This past week I had the pleasure of spending time with two focused, energetic entrepreneurs. I felt rejuvenated simply because of our brief conversations and know they each have success ahead of them.

Both conversations were initiated by the individual entrepreneur – they each called me to see if I had time to discuss their telephone presence – which serves as the inspiration for this week’s blog.

In sharing with them some of the nuances and subtleties that create powerful telephone conversations, and in one case designing and role playing a cold call script, I was reminded of how vital it is that each of us remain attentive to our “phonework”.

By crafting, practicing and timing a new pitch – the process of writing, talking and editing – we really refined the message. We created a flow of words that was ear-catching, something that would grab the attention of a potential client for that vital 30 seconds. And once we were happy with the message, we recorded it and listened carefully to the delivery – identifying where to slow down, which words to emphasize, when to inject more energy. It was a creative process that resulted in an enticing cold call script.

The openness and willingness these entrepreneurs brought to learning, their ability to be creative and to practice and to change, is a lesson for everybody. It isn’t only when you are starting out that you need to refine what you are saying on the phone. In fact, it may even be more vital if you’ve been on the phone for years. Chances are you’ve developed a few bad habits that are cluttering up your message, that your language lacks clarity and luster.

I encourage you to take the time to really listen to yourself on the phone. Set aside the embarrassment factor and have a sales conversation with your voicemail, listen to the recording. How do you sound? Is your message about your product or service clear and concise? Have you infused your words with enthusiasm?

Better yet, spend some time with a business associate or friend discussing your phonework. Listen to and incorporate their feedback on your message and delivery. Learn, create, change. It will transform your work and increase your success.

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