Creating Customer Loyalty … By Phone!

One of the biggest shifts in phone communication is that we are all accepting calls less often. While this does help us avoid inappropriate and pushy sales pitches, it also means we miss out on some amazing opportunities and excellent service. Take for example a call my friend and colleague, Linda Daley, of Daley Progress Inc., happened to answer on Easter Sunday.

While it may seem odd that Linda would answer a call to her office on Easter Sunday (and that someone would call her that day), those of us who work from home will recognize the automatic impulse. We are often “spending a few minutes” at our desk, regardless of the holiday, and when the phone rings … we pick it up. Here’s what happened: 

When your business line rings on Easter Sunday, do you answer it? Thinking back, I’m not really sure why I did. The call was a little awkward, maybe because I answered without thinking and maybe because I’d been up all night working on a new project.

The woman calling captured my attention immediately. She wanted to know if I needed any help with the website hosting package I had bought a few hours ago. Once I got past my surprise, I was delighted. I’d made the purchase after extensive research but still wasn’t sure I’d made the right choice. Her phone call was the perfect touch, boosting my confidence in my decision and making me an instant fan. 

Our conversation was short and friendly. It eliminated my biggest concern, which was about support. So many companies are unable to take the “tech” out of their talk and really help their customers. I’ve since called the support line to ask questions and have always received the same friendly, straight-forward, easy-to-understand assistance.

Not only that,  the help desk folks actually say, “Call again soon,” and mean it!

I know from experience that consistently good customer support is hard to find. By calling me, engaging me in conversation soon after my purchase, Siteground won my loyalty … and my referrals. I’m sure they’ve inspired this reaction from others and are experiencing growth through a strong referral network. 

Yes, I would have called support myself eventually, and discovered the company’s great attitude. But at that moment, I would have had a problem I needed solved. By calling me first, Siteground set the bar for a strong relationship and has had a direct impact on the success of my current project. 

My thanks to Linda for sharing this story. Improving phone communication isn’t only about creating great outbound calls, it also involves accepting calls from others – learning from and sharing those experiences. And while I don’t advocate making business calls on Easter Sunday, I suspect Siteground had a protocol it followed, i.e. call all new customers within 24 hours of purchase. By focusing on their commitment to service rather than when it was appropriate to call, they created loyalty and delight.

And what about you? Do you have a story about a phone conversation that’s been positive for your business in some way? I’d be delighted to hear from you and … consider including your story in my upcoming book: Talking to Stranger: Inspire Conversation, Build Relationships, Generate Revenue. Brief accounts of how conversations with strangers have helped readers grow their businesses will be appear in every chapter … and your’s could be one of them! If your story is chosen, I’ll send you two free signed copies of the book, currently scheduled for publication in early 2018. Click here to submit your story.





6 thoughts on “Creating Customer Loyalty … By Phone!”

  1. Thanks for sharing this story. As you mention, some inbound calls can be annoying and it’s nice to have a great experience now and then to remind us not all phone calls are that way.

    • And thank you, Linda, for sharing this story. I’m going to be including this in my next book. It is a great example of what one phone call can accomplish.

  2. Thanks Mary Jane for sharing Linda’s story.
    Another great reminder about the importance for Businesses to have a New Client process. Connect and add value right away.

    • Absolutely, Glenn. And in our busy, busy days it is easy to let this slide, but it has a powerful impact. Thanks for your comments.


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