Customer Service & Front Desk Skills

When I place a call to any company or organization today, I notice that I start to get a little defensive even as I dial the number. My expectations are that the call will be difficult, that I’ll be misunderstood, that the person who answers won’t be able to help me … that I’ll stay on hold too long and become impatient with the entire process.

I know most of you have these same reactions.

When I reach someone who greets me with energy, who listens to my questions or concerns, who communicates clearly what steps are necessary and what they are able to do immediately, and who treats me as a valued customer throughout the call … that company or organization wins my loyalty and my referrals.

When you create and support excellent customer communication, the result is growth and prosperity.

How do we help?

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You can share with me audio files of the phone conversations you and your team are currently having with customers. I will listen to these calls and provide you with a written report of what’s excellent and what needs improvement … and why. You can use this report to support your own training and management program, or we can work together to create a custom training program.

Whether you and your team are making and/or receiving calls from businesses or consumers, a training experience can be created to improve everyone’s outcomes. Training can be delivered in person as two-hour or half-day workshops, or delivered as live one-hour webinars. All training is customized to focus on the outcomes you and your team want to achieve. See examples.

Creating excellent phone conversations with customers may be something you want to achieve on your own, whether you are part of a team, a small business owner or part of a new startup. One-to-one coaching is structured to work with your hectic schedule and is billed in 30-minute increments. Learn what you need to know quickly, use the skills immediately and return for more support when necessary. Easy!

Mary Jane was very knowledgeable and had many tips and suggestions that will help me out with customers on the phone, as well as the difficult calls that we sometimes have to deal with. She was very respectful and courteous while ensuring that we were at ease, and I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who deals with customer service on the phone.

- Crystal Jamieson

The first step is to talk to each other - on the phone!

We’ll discuss your challenges and how I can help. If I can’t help, I’ll let you know. If I can help … I’ll create a detailed proposal, easily shared with all decision-makers, for your consideration. Click here to get started.