Humility: The Foundation of Storyfinding

When I sat down in September 2021 and planned out how I would write about and share the skills of storyfinding, humility wasn’t even on the list. I added it about six weeks ago and, much to my disappointment, I can’t remember what inspired this addition – at least not at the moment. Perhaps some “wide awake at 1 am” moment will find me saying, “Oh … that was it!”

No matter the “how”, I’m thrilled that the topic of humility crossed my path. As I’ve researched and thought about it over the past few weeks, I’ve come to understand that, without humility, storyfinding doesn’t happen.

In this video, I share more about the essence of humility. At once, it is both simple and complex. I also discuss the role it plays in creating trust, relationships and loyalty with our prospects, clients and customers, and how it allows all the skills of storyfinding to blossom and grow.

Enjoy and do subscribe to our YouTube channel. While humility is the last of this specific series on storyfinding, I know there will be more videos. At the moment, I’m not sure what they’ll contain, but I know they’re waiting to be created!

As always, wishing you hundreds of inspired conversations!


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