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I had two thoughts collide in my head on Thursday morning and the result is this blog post. The first thought, familiar to all bloggers, was, “Oh my gosh, it’s the weekend again already – and not just the weekend but the Canada Day long weekend. What am I going to write about?”

Then I realized it wasn’t only the weekend but also the end of June. Half a year has gone by very quickly. “I wonder,” I said to myself. “What blog posts have my readers most enjoyed so far this year?”

So here you have it … the results of that thought collision … my top five posts so far for 2019:

#1. Please … Remind Me! – Many of us worry about whether we are “pestering” our prospects and clients. They agree to a follow-up conversation but when should we call? And how often?

#2. Accident-al Conversations: How Compassion Can Change Everything – How does compassion contribute to excellent communication? How can it be expressed in phone conversations?

#3. We Have The Technology … But We’re Not Using It! – Reports in the news about the City of Ottawa being scammed out of close to $100,000 reminded me of similar, much more costly mistakes at MacEwan University in Edmonton. What technology could have prevented these expensive losses? Why is it often ignored?

#4. Incivility Costs Us … Even After the Call! – From sarcasm to bullying, incivility in the workplace reduces productivity, lowers morale and increases employee stress levels. What might occur if negative discussions about customers were eliminated? What kind of communication should be taking place instead?

#5. Want Strong Relationships With Your Clients? Then Act Like It! – What contributes to “tenuous loyalty”? What strengthens and grows customer retention? There’s a simple phrase that sums up the best path to client retention and loyalty: “It’s not about you!”

Happy Canada Day and Happy 4th of July!




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