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woman on vacation

Communication Tip #1 – Honoring Vacations

In 1990, as the founding partner of a then-struggling communications company, getting up in the morning was tough going. In April of that year, with what seemed like no warning, several economic forces came together and sparked a two-year-long recession. Both provincial and federal debts were at an all-time high, and taxes on everything from ... Read more
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Phone Coach Tip #2 – Sent Versus Received

Sometimes people are surprised to learn that as “The Phone Lady”, I include skills for both email and text in my webinars. The focus of my work, my passion if you will, is clear communication. This includes the words we write – and send – electronically. Recently, I failed to follow one of my favorite ... Read more

The Phone Book

The Phone Book will help you conquer the intimidation and fear that set in when you start to dial.