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Let’s Get Comfortable with Phone Conversations

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about the word ‘comfortable’. Over 10% of the CEOs and senior executives who responded to the 2024 Report of Phone Communication Trends included this word in their comments. Here are a few examples of how the word was used: “Employees are often uncomfortable (using the phone).” “As ... Read more
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How to Combine Phone Calls with Digital Options – Tip #1

There’s a quote from a Canadian CEO who participated in my 2024 Report on Phone Communication Trends that I’m continually thinking about: “It can be confusing to understand when to call or text versus email or video calls … . People need help understanding where the phone fits in with their sequences … .” This ... Read more

The Phone Book

The Phone Book will help you conquer the intimidation and fear that set in when you start to dial.