Job Search Super Power – Step 4: Who Ya Gonna Call?

talking on the phone

When looking for a job, listing companies of interest is a great start. Then you need to move to the next step – phoning them. But the next question is… who ya gonna call?

In my last post, we got started on your research journey. With most companies being online, sometimes they have their team displayed with photos, little bios and contact info. This is the perfect way to become familiar with who works there.

If staff aren’t listed on the website, no need to fret – you have social media in your corner!

My first stop is often LinkedIn where I can search a company name and the results will instantly show me any person associated with it along with their experience, skills, endorsements and anything they have shared.

You can type their name into Google search and learn more through their online presence (keeping in mind there is much more to learn about someone when you meet in person).

When the research is done, you should know:

✔ Who to call 

✔ What conversation topics you can use

✔ Something you share in common

    …and more.

Remember this: find the person to whom you would be a direct report. Someone like a manager or supervisor or team lead… the person who would know about available positions – for future possibilities – and perhaps have some hiring power.

So, who are you going to call? (Watch for my next post on how to speak with potential employers on the phone.)


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