Job Search Skills

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80% of job vacancies … do not get advertised.
Service Canada 2018

57% of business leaders say that soft skills (i.e. communication) are more important than hard skills.
LinkedIn Trends and Research 2018

Since 2009 The Phone Lady has been helping job seekers in Nova Scotia tap into the hidden job market by giving them the necessary skills and confidence to use the phone to connect with potential employers.

This helps job seekers find employment by standing out from other applicants and by displaying their strong communication skills, which continue to support them on the job.

How do we help?

Training is delivered in person as half-day workshops. Handouts, interactive exercises and discussions provide attendees with phone conversation scripting, preparation for phone interviews, tips on workplace phone etiquette, ideas for improving face-to-face interviews and increased confidence in their communication skills.


This workshop helps boost confidence by giving you helpful information on how to effectively communicate with a potential employer on the phone.

- Megan Wright

Great workshop! Very interesting and helpful for those seeking employment or already in the workforce.

- Kaitlin Samson

The first step is for us to talk to each other - on the phone!

We’ll discuss your challenges and how I can help. If I can’t help, I’ll let you know. If I can help … I’ll create a detailed proposal, easily shared with all decision-makers, for your consideration. Click here to get started.