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Keep Your Martini Glass Full

First – thanks to all who completed my blog survey. Your information is very valuable and you’ll see the impact in action here in the coming weeks.

Second – I’m excited to share that … I’m in the July/August issue of Atlantic Business Magazine! On page 11! How fun is that! You can read the article here: http://bit.ly/MMTbNv

And finally, a short story with an outcome you might want to utilize:

Last week I had the opportunity to spend three days with some delightful students. They were anxious to learn; they embraced the process; we had a lot of fun. It was while I was with them, talking about the “sales funnel” and drawing a picture of it on the flip chart that it struck me … this is not only the shape of a funnel – it is also the shape of a martini glass!  It surprised me that, after 26 years of sales and countless discussions about sales funnels, that I had never before made this connection. I mean, I’m not a big drinker, but a martini glass certainly appeals to me more than a funnel!

I recently shared this notion with a colleague of mine. She, like so many entrepreneurs, is struggling to pick up the phone and prospect.  Her excuses are quite compelling and easy to support, making procrastination easy, but … she’s not happy with her revenue. She needs to be working with a lot more clients before the end of this year.  Being an extremely creative thinker she instantly came up with a visual and tactile way to help her keep prospecting. Within minutes, we were off to a nearby dollar store.  See below and … I wish you happy dialing as you keep your martini glass full this summer!

Having trouble focusing on prospecting? Get yourself an empty martini glass. Mine's green of course!


Next, choose something that symbolizes revenue for you - I chose these fun plastic diamonds. Each time I connect with a "hot" prospect, or send out a proposal, I add a diamond to my martini glass. If my martini glass is full, then I know I'm doing my job maintaining a revenue stream. If my glass is only half full or (banish the thought!) empty, then I know my lack of prospecting is about to impact me financially.

0 thoughts on “Keep Your Martini Glass Full”

  1. “This is a great article, and I love the idea Mary Jane! I am going to bring out a piece of my much neglected crystal stemware and put it on my desk!”

  2. I agree this is an excellent suggestion. I do like to use the phone and find it one of the most efficient ways of getting a lot done and saves time.

    Prospecting, however, is something that we all need to be diligent about. Being a graphic designer the visual really works for me.

    Red is my colour of choice and I own martini glasses trimmed in red so I’m off to the races: one for the diamond crystals and one for the martini of course!!

    Thanks for the post.

  3. Mary Jane, congratulations!! Great to see you profiled in Atlantic Business Magazine. Your unique ability to help anyone hoping to better connect with clients over the phone is must-have info.

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