Maintaining Excellence: What’s Your Customers’ Experience?

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It is a whole new world when it comes to customer service. The pandemic has given every business a myriad of things to think about, implement and change in order to keep both staff and customers safe. It’s a huge responsibility.

Despite all of this, it’s important that service excellence isn’t forgotten. At this early reopening stage, the majority of customers will be patient with all the changes … but what about next month? What about the fall and winter? How will you maintain their trust and loyalty?

With this in mind, we’ve pulled together some of our most popular posts highlighting the thoughts and ideas that support delivering customer service excellence. Enjoy!

What’s Your Customer’s Choice?

There are so many ways to communicate – social, email, text, phone, and so on. It’s important that we use all the tools available to reach our target markets … not just the ones we enjoy or find more convenient. How can we balance being busy with delivering great service?

10 Ways to Uncover What Your Customers Experience

We have all received dreadful customer service. It happens over the phone, in person and online. Yet all of us have the potential to disregard what our customers experience. Do you really know what your customers experience when they work with or approach your company? How can you find out?

Customer Service By The Numbers

When it comes to creating a great experience for our customers, we need to ask the question, “What do our customers want?” There’s no disputing that customer expectations have been changing … it is essential that we adapt. What statistics are available on customer service? How might they influence your actions?

What’s Your Post-Sale Process?

There’s no doubt that it’s great to make a sale. Tons of work and effort go into the moment when a prospect finally becomes a paying customer, so it’s definitely something to celebrate but … what comes next? Do you know? Does it bring value to both you and your customer?


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