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This inaugural episode of The Best Sellers Podcast, hosted by Doug Dvorak, features Mary Jane Copps. Listen in >
Dialing for dollars can produce HUGE benefits to a Sales Territory but it's not easy. Listen as Mary Jane brings you all the tips from a lifetime of training salespeople.
‘The Phone Lady’ Brings Textbook Learning to Life for SPCA College of Animal Welfare Students - read this success story.
CBC Radio
Maritime Noon with Bob Murphy - On the phone-in: Mary Jane Copps has advice on making phone calls to people who are phone-averse. Listen in >
Mary Jane joins Lisa Dent on air to explain how, for 17 years, she’s been helping younger people have proper phone etiquette and get over their fear of answering the phone. Listen in >
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How to tackle your telephone hang-ups. People with bad cases of telephone anxiety can experience nausea, increased heart rate and shortness of breath at the sound of a ringtone. Listen in...
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Gen Z developing fear of phone calls, or "phone phobia". People are now opting to text or email instead of making phone calls. Keep reading...
Why it’s completely normal for a phone call to fill you with dread (and how to get over it). Read the stats and Mary Jane's advice.
Les Echos
Mary Jane spent time with journalist Isabelle Lesniak in Paris, France! The result is a wonderful article, in French, that has appeared in the weekend edition of Les Echos Week End. Read it here.
ABC News
The 'phone lady' made a career out of teaching people how to speak on the phone. She's in high demand. Find out more.
How to revive a retro technology called the telephone that can still work wonders in these modern times. Find out.

Phone Phobia Hits the News

Phone phobia, or telephobia, has been getting a lot of attention in the news recently. See what Mary Jane has to say about it...
Smartphones can do lots of things — but plenty of people with them make very few, if any, actual phone calls. Here's what Mary Jane told Business Insider.
Our phones are ubiquitous. I mean, we don't leave home without them. So, let's use them for more real-time conversations. Mary Jane has answers and compelling reasons to reach out and touch someone: Just call them on the phone. Listen here.
When is an interaction an interruption? Why do we now feel the need to ask if it’s OK to interrupt a colleague, in the middle of a work day? Find out.
In this episode of the Sales Reinvented podcast, Mary Jane shares how a good story is crafted, what makes a great storyteller, and even tells one of her favorite stories.
Listen to this podcast discussing why trends in customer service calls, how to make sales calls more effectively and more.
Kate Mallett explored phone anxiety on her podcast recently and Mary Jane weighed in with valuable insights - listen here.
Mary Jane describes the importance of conversation skills in Halifax’s ‘Phone Coach’ Teaches A Phone-Wary World How To Talk.
Listen in as Liz Solar interviews Mary Jane: Connect Better Through Voice on Voice Action
Margins of Error with Harry Enten
CNN's Harry Enten asks why we’re avoiding phone calls and whether we can be coached through our telephone-related nerves in this Margins of Error podcast featuring Mary Jane.
Mary Jane shares her wisdom on lead generation, lead follow-up, and sales strategy on this podcast.
Recently Mary Jane was interviewed for an article in Our Children Magazine about reconnecting kids with the art of communication. Read here.
In this clip, Mary Jane (The Phone Lady) tells us how we can help and what she is giving back to our community. Watch here.
SELLING: How to gain your customer’s confidence - Conversations are central to attracting new customers. Read what The Phone Lady has to say.
From Salesperson to Trusted Advisor - read this article in Jobber News featuring The Phone Lady (page 18-19)
We can now curate who we talk to in a way that wasn’t thinkable when a bulky landline phone rang with anonymous urgency. Listen in here.
CRTC has recently taken new steps to fight fraud calls and phone scams. Read (and listen) to what Mary Jane has to say about this problem.
As part of the Inner Wisdom Project, Mary Jane shares the value of phone communication and tone of voice. Watch here.
Mary Jane Copps sat down with Infinity to discuss the true value of voice connections and what exactly she thinks the future of telephone calls is going to be - read the award-winning interview with Mary Jane.
The Seattle Times
How the death of voicemail is changing the way we connect - read the article.
Cold Calls: The Psychology Behind the Human Voice - listen to this podcast featuring The Phone Lady.
reflective marketing
Check out Mary Jane's chat with Krystal Hobbs to learn how you can grow your business using the phone!
Asking for referrals: pick up the phone! Read The Phone Lady's phone call strategies for referrals.
reinsurance group of america
Telephone as a Case Management Tool - It Isn’t Just for Texting Anymore! Read the article.
Dalhousie University
Be a “Communications Hero”, in other words, lead by example by having engaging phone calls and creating clear, concise emails. The Phone Lady's top tips.
This Hour Has 22 Minutes
22 Minutes correspondent, Brandon Hackett, figures out which end is up on this thing called a telephone, with help from The Phone Lady. Watch Telephone Lessons for Millennials.
Read Mary Janes's Voice Messenger of the Day contribution.
Spotlight on the 2016 BDC Mentorship Award Winner: Mary Jane Copps. Read the article.
CBC News
Telephone etiquette makes a comeback in the era of Snapchat. Read the article.
CBC News
The phone is ringing, but do you know what to say when you answer? Check out the radio interview!
The lost art of making a business phone call... emoticons are not OK! Read the article.
The art of having a proper phone conversation has been lost since email and text. Watch the interview.
CBC News
Nova Scotians share tales of frustration from being put on hold. Check out The Phone Lady's advice.
Brampton Guardian
Halifax's Phone Lady teaches young people the art of telephone talk - read the article.
Voicemail: Closing the communication gap: Your outgoing message should assure clients that you will respond to their call. Read the article.
When Email and Texting Are Insufficient: An Interview with the Phone Lady - read the article.
Everyone is entitled to vacation but the timing of your summer holiday may be less than ideal for some of your clients and colleagues. Read the article.
National Post
Why the phone call deserves a second chance. Read The Phone Lady's interview!
Cold calling still holds up as an excellent sales tool for advisors because, unlike digital marketing, it requires interaction with a prospect in real-time. Read the article.
The Wall Street Journal.
Banks Curtail Employee Use of Voice Mail: Voice mail is viewed as an expensive vestige of a bygone era. See what The Phone Lady has to say.
Boomer workers' biggest edge? "Comfortable on the telephone." Read the article.
The Wall Street Journal.
Bosses Say 'Pick Up the Phone' - Managers have a message for younger employees: Get off email and talk on the phone. Read the article here.
Who you gonna call? “Phone Lady” says the key to success is in the palm of your hand. Read the article.
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