My Favorite Listening Practice


Listening is a skill that demands life-long attention. We never reach perfection … but we can continually improve and expand our abilities.

How do I work on my listening skills?

I give my full attention to radio and podcast hosts and I learn from:

  • The depth of their research;
  • Their level of curiosity;
  • Their tone of voice;
  • The questions they ask;
  • Their reaction to the answers they receive;
  • How they weave answers into follow-up questions;
  • How they reveal the unexpected;
  • How their ability to listen impacts flow, entertainment and/or education.

So as part of this storyfinding series, I’m sharing with you two recently published podcasts. While I’m the guest, and this gives you an opportunity to learn more about me, the real value is in focusing on the host with the above-listed elements in mind.

The Real Bottom Line, The Podcast For Ambitious Entrepreneurs Serious About Growing Their Business, hosted by Wendy Brookhouse – listen here.

Wait, You What?, the podcast that explores people’s surprising stories, from the past and present, hosted by Erica Mallett – listen here.

What do you learn and how does it impact your upcoming conversations with prospects and clients/customers? Let me know in the comment section below.


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