Noticing Nuance in Conversation

Nuance is definitely one of the most difficult skills of storyfinding. It requires us to be completely present in our conversations and intently listening, not only to words and sentences but to everything around those words and sentences.

Next, we have to respond to what we hear, and this demands confidence and courage. Nuance is where others reveal something they couldn’t, or perhaps didn’t wish to, put into words. Ignoring this revelation allows denial to enter the relationship but acknowledging it requires both empathy and diplomacy.

Noticing nuance, and working with it, vastly improves our communication with prospects and clients, with family and friends. It is a constant practice that delivers clarity, depth, trust and loyalty.

This video includes some common examples of nuance as well as ideas on how to follow our instincts and respond. Enjoy and do subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss out on the next, closely-related aspect of storyfinding: tone of voice.


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