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The Phone Lady’s Best Advice in 2017

If all goes according to plan, as this blog post is published I’ll be hanging out with my grandchildren in California. Lucky me! In fact I’ve had very little to do with the creation of this post because, for quite some time, I’ve had an indispensible colleague behind the scenes – and I’m so grateful.

For many years I dedicated most of my Sunday to writing and publishing this blog. Over coffee one day, Linda Daley of Daley Progress, said to me, “Let me help.” I was resistant because … well, I’m a bit of a goof when it comes to wanting to do things myself. (My business coach Stephanie Coldwell will confirm this should you ever ask.)

Linda was persistent, in her very compassionate way, and in October 2016 Linda started designing, proofing, offering insightful advice and hitting “send” on my weekly post. She’s been doing it ever since. In fact, this post is entirely her idea. She crunched the numbers and figured out my most popular posts of 2017. Enjoy … and if you are looking to connect with someone who understands content, is dedicated, honest and … brilliant, I suggest you connect with Linda.

The Phone Lady’s Top Posts from 2017

#1. When we say “Yes … but …” what the other person most often hears is that we aren’t able to consider their thoughts or opinions, that we have already decided on the “correct” answer or direction for the conversation. What can we say instead? Read Two Words That Don’t Belong Together to find out.

#2. What do you do when a referral doesn’t reply to your attempts to communicate? You’ve been told by a reliable source that they need your services… so how can you make the connection? What call to action will result in a response to your email? Read How to Increase Email Replies with One Simple Request to find out.

#3. More important then telling our clients and prospects about ourselves, our services or our products, is our ability to learn about them, their challenges, goals and successes. This we accomplish through the art of conversation. And it is through conversation that we build strong relationships. Here are 3 Small Words That Inspire Conversation.

#4. It’s important to use common, simple words to clearly express ourselves and inspire conversation. What powerful words and phrases create clarity, lead to conversation and build relationships? Here are 5 Powerful Phrases You Need To Use More Often.



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    • Thanks, Linda. You are an essential part of the creative energy behind this post. So pleased that we are working together.

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