Sales: The Skills for Proactive Calling

Weekly 30-minute webinars that immediately improve phone conversations and book more appointments.

Ideal for busy sales teams looking for measurable improvements in their results.

What are your teams doing to inspire conversations with existing clients, past clients ... and even prospective clients?

All of these clients have goals and questions they want to discuss. Calling them and creating a valuable conversation, gives you the opportunity to serve.

So why aren't you calling?

Well, there are lots of reasons people give for not picking up the phone … and one sure way to overcome and set aside every possible excuse: The Phone Lady.

For the past 16 years, Mary Jane Copps, The Phone Lady, has been working with busy sales teams and she's created a highly efficient and effective training program that is delivering immediate results.

Each program is customized to your company's specific needs. Below we've included a sample of a typical program.

Sample Micro-Learning Program

Weekly 30-minute webinars that immediately improve phone conversations and book more appointments.

Micro-learning has become a favorite of The Phone Lady’s clients. Why? It delivers immediate ROI and fits in with busy schedules.

The format focuses on using the skills immediately: 3 minutes Introduction of the Problem We’ll Solve; 18 minutes The Skills; 3 minutes Personal Action Plan; 6 minutes Q & A (off mute + chat).

  • Why The Phone?

    A comparison of email, text, phone, video and in-person communication. Outcome: A deeper understanding, and appreciation for, the importance and value of real-time conversations.

  • Leaving Messages That Get Returned

    The six steps to increasing returned calls by 25% to 30%. Outcome: Increased conversations with customers who are less defensive and more able to engage in conversation.

  • Eliminating Defensiveness

    The reasons this defensiveness exists and how to dissolve it quickly to create engaging conversations. Outcome: Immediate improvement in prospect conversations.

  • Inspiring and Extending Conversations

    With the use of specific skills and language, the majority of prospects will relax into the conversation, share both information and experience. Outcome: More detailed conversations and more appointments booked.

  • Working with Decision Fatigue

    Everyone is struggling, on some level, in today’s hectic and pandemic-laced environment. This impacts their ability to make decisions. Understanding this and working with it is necessary to get to “yes”. Outcome: More appointments booked.

  • The Why and How of Following Up

    Persistence is a quality that is admired and is an essential ingredient of building trust. Knowing how to display professional persistence is essential. Outcome: More appointments booked.

  • Amplifying Listening Skills

    The key to booking more appointments is in what the prospect shares. Knowing how to listen carefully and identify opportunities is vital to success. Outcome: More appointments booked.

  • Prior to the training, Mary Jane reviews case studies and/or schedules discovery calls as part of the research process to create these webinars. This allows the training to include customized examples of messaging and conversations and substantially increases both retention and use of the skills.
  • To achieve the highest ROI on your training investment, direct supervisors, managers and in-house trainers are strongly encouraged to attend the training sessions.
  • The Phone Lady uses a corporate Zoom account for webinars and is also very familiar with WebEx.
  • Interaction is achieved in a variety of ways: speaking with participants directly, encouraging the use of the “chat” function and encouraging questions via email between sessions.
  • Webinars can be recorded for future reference.
  • Non-disclosure agreements are created/signed when applicable.

Your next step...

When your teams have the right knowledge and the best skills, great conversations, improved client loyalty, and increased revenue are a phone call away.

It all starts with a conversation! Book a phone meeting by clicking here. Or simply call Mary Jane at 1-877-404-3290, or write

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