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Everyone is busy. Waiting for a call to be returned? Remember the expected caller is probably busy ... not avoiding you. Don't take it personally if someone doesn't get back to you right away.

Words are the body language of a phone call. Uncertain language sends an unclear message to the listener and weakens the credibility of your call. Get rid of those "likes" and "ums" and get to the point.

With Bluetooth technology and speakerphones, it’s easy to multitask while we’re on the phone - we check email, sort papers or surf the net. Stop. Focus on the conversation and you’ll get more out of it.

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7 Ways to Reach Potential Sponsors with a New Idea

Are you looking for specific advice on how to approach sponsors about a new initiative? Download this free resource for my best advice.

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Inner Wisdom Project: Mary Jane Copps

Mary Jane shares the value of phone communication and tone of voice. She speaks to the benefits of tone of voice and gives an example of the same sentence with two different tones, but exactly the same words. She speaks to the mistakes and errors that happen throughout the world because of email information.

The Phone Book

The Phone Book is a practical MUST READ for every entrepreneur and salesperson!
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