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Top 3 phone communication tips...

Everyone is busy. Waiting for a call to be returned? Remember the expected caller is probably busy ... not avoiding you. Don't take it personally if someone doesn't get back to you right away.

Words are the body language of a phone call. Uncertain language sends an unclear message to the listener and weakens the credibility of your call. Get rid of those "likes" and "ums" and get to the point.

With Bluetooth technology and speakerphones, it’s easy to multitask while we’re on the phone - we check email, sort papers or surf the net. Stop. Focus on the conversation and you’ll get more out of it.


Discover StoryFinding

Storyfinding is our ability to uncover, listen to and empathize with what is happening in our prospect’s or customer's world. Storyfinding involves a combination of skills that each of us can, with practice, strengthen and make an instinctive part of every conversation, email and text. Find out more.


How to Strengthen Your Sales Process

Are you willing to give up the salesperson you are to discover the salesperson you can be? Whether you are currently launching your sales career, or are a seasoned professional, you’ll find information here to improve and close more sales. Get this ebook and immediately start solving your sales challenges.


The Why and How of Following Up: Essential Skills for Sales Success

Is increasing your sales and creating more repeat business a priority right now? Get my best advice plus examples of success that you can duplicate.



Conference Call BINGO Card

This BINGO card will help you achieve conference calls that are effective, efficient and engaging... with a little fun. Get the card here.



Front Desk Help: Dealing with Background Noise

A simple resource for dealing with a decades-old phone communication problem. Download the tips and printable sign here.


Rules of Engagement

Learn invaluable insights into a buyer’s journey to “yes”; ways to create memorable experiences virtually, on the phone and in-person; and essential skills to find your “voice” – your ability to inspire conversations that build relationships and increase sales.


Creating Conversational Experiences with your Customers

The key to powerful retail experiences, especially in terms of unique artisan products, is communication. Too often visitors/shoppers are left on their own to browse without the necessary conversation, education and enthusiasm to help them appreciate and enjoy the products, and to help them make buying decisions. This session provides small retailers with a wide range of skills to create a memorable shopping experience for visitors, even during a pandemic! These skills will allow retailers to sell more products, increase referrals and support greater customer loyalty.


Studies of Success

It's important to understand that your own ideal sales process will be unique - as different from everyone else's as these two case studies are. Click here to get them now.

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Creating Effective Sales Calls

Since 2013 I've had the honour of working with Doug Dvorak. Doug is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) inducted into the International Who's Who of Professional Speaking. He was also named one of the top ten sales professionals by Power Selling Magazine and is a certified sales training and management consultant, working with companies and teams through his company The Sales Coaching Institute. My collaborations with Doug have allowed me to expand my client base in the US, South America and Australia.

Recently Doug and his colleagues created this interview about our work together and some of the key points clients most appreciate when it comes to sales communication.


Moving from Text to Talk

Understanding that many have abandoned phone calls for the convenience of texting, I've put together this quick guide to help us easily transition from text to talk. Let's support each other through the power of conversation. Get the guide here.

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7 Ways to Reach Potential Sponsors with a New Idea

Are you looking for specific advice on how to approach sponsors about a new initiative? Download this free resource for my best advice.

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Relax! Business Messaging Tips for a Tech-Free Vacation

In collaboration with Twirp Communications and Daley Progress, here's an easy-to-read guide to vacation messaging. It includes specific, actionable steps for voicemail, email and social media so you can relax throughout your vacation… and have a smoother return to work when that time arrives. Download the guide here.

2021 Vacation Messaging Guide
The Phone Book

The Phone Book is a practical MUST READ for every entrepreneur and salesperson!
- Amazon 5-star review

Click here to get more information, download a free chapter, or purchase your copy today!

Coaching Tips for Phone Anxiety

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