Sales Skills for Teams & Independent Professionals

It was October 5, 1987, when I first picked up the phone to call and speak with a potential customer. I had no plan in my mind, no knowledge of how the conversation should be structured or how to communicate my company’s value. Needless to say, nothing was accomplished in that call.

I repeated this same experience over and over again for several weeks. I was definitely “spinning my wheels” and falling into a pattern of being easily discouraged and defeated.

What did I do? I started recording my calls (later, the calls of each member of my sales team), listening to them, analyzing them. What I learned is still true today … there is a psychology, an etiquette, and a method necessary for every effective phone conversation. Knowing, understanding and working with these elements is essential to the success of both your inbound and outbound phone conversations.

How do we help?

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  1. You can share with me audio files of the phone conversations you and your team are currently having with clients and prospects. I will listen to these calls and provide you with a written report of what’s excellent and what needs improvement … and why. You can use this report to support your own training and management program, or we can work together to create a custom training program.
  2. I can work with your sales team and identify where and how to strengthen your sales process. This can involve listening to calls, interviewing team members, interviewing both prospects and clients and, in some cases, actually doing some sales calls. A written report will summarize what I learn and include my recommendations for both immediate and long-term improvement. You can use this report and execute changes on your own, or we can work together to reach your chosen goals.

Whether you and your team are making phone calls B2B or B2C, a training experience can be created to improve everyone’s outcomes. Training can be delivered in person as two-hour, half-day or full-day workshops, or delivered as live one-hour webinars. All training is customized to focus on the outcomes you and your team want to achieve. See examples.

Creating excellent phone conversations may be something you want to achieve on your own, whether you are part of a sales team, a small business owner or part of a new startup. One-on-one coaching helps you learn what you need to know quickly, use the skills immediately and return for more support when necessary. Easy! Click here for more information.


Sales Skills for Proactive Calling

Weekly 30-minute webinars that immediately improve phone conversations and book more appointments. Ideal for busy sales teams looking for measurable improvements in their results. Learn more here.

Following our series of sessions with The Phone Lady, we experienced a 25% lift in our small business advisors' ability to convert messages to returned phone calls, and phone conversations to appointments.

- Natacha Lemay-Reaume, Senior Manager, Small Business Banking, Ontario North East & Atlantic Canada

Mary Jane’s advice was sound; after putting her advice into practice, our cold calling has been focused and appointment rate has improved by 50%.

- Claudina Whisken, Director of Business Development, Thomas International Maritimes

The first step is to talk to each other - on the phone!

We’ll discuss your challenges and how I can help. If I can’t help, I’ll let you know. If I can help … I’ll create a detailed proposal, easily shared with all decision-makers, for your consideration. Click here to get started.