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Sunday evening and the problem could not be ignored. No matter how hard I tried, or in what order I adjusted the shower and bathtub faucets, the steady drip, drip, drip remained. I could hear the hot water still running through the pipe even though the tap was turned off as tightly as possible.

Sigh. It was time for a plumber.

We have a plumber we trust although it has been several years since we’ve needed him. I waited until early Monday morning before I called. How he received my call and his response to my request both surprised and delighted me.

Why did his response surprise me? And what made it a delightful customer service experience?

When I reached Trevor Wheatley’s voicemail early Monday morning, I listened to a friendly, clear message common to busy service providers, i.e. “leave a message and I’ll return your call as soon as possible”. But then, Trevor’s message suggested that I text him and requested that I not leave both a voicemail message and send a text.

This request was made so clearly and politely that I (a person who is not a huge fan of texting) immediately hung up on the voicemail and sent a text – at 7:05 am – outlining the issue and asking for a referral if he was on vacation.

He responded … at 7:06 am! His question was simply, “What is your address?” I replied at 7:07 am. At 7:14 am he confirmed he would do his best to get to us the same day, that he would give me 20 minutes advance notice of his arrival, and he provided his fees. At 10:59 am he texted that he was on his way. Before noon, he’d been and gone … the drip was fixed!

The entire experience was … perfect. And it made so much sense in terms of his work. His ability to answer calls and talk on the phone is limited when he’s onsite with a client and when he’s driving. Also, he can never be sure how long each job will take, so confirming that he will arrive and what time he might arrive is not possible.

Oh yes, we can add to this that, these days, he is always wearing a mask. Doesn’t work well for phone conversations.

His diligence in checking and answering texts allows him to acknowledge every request. And his direct yet friendly replies align client expectations with the fluidity of his business.

While every step of this process serves him – helping him be more efficient, focused and stay safe on the job – it also creates an experience of excellence and … in my case, one very happy customer.

Are you using text to enhance your customers’ experience? If so, share your strategies in the comment section below. I want to learn more.


4 thoughts on “Service Excellence … By Text!”

  1. We had the same wonderful experience with Trevor. I love that I can text and get an immediate response. In my business though, I use email the most. I like that as then I can refer back to what a client has said. Thanks for the interesting article!

    • Thanks, Peggy. I prefer the phone/email, as you know. I do find it delightful that you know Trevor and also appreciate his level of communication by text. Hope all is well in your world.

  2. I have used Trevor’s services for many years and was always satisfied.

    I agree that it is important to let customers know what to expect and to meet or exceed that standard. That is how you get referrals!


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