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When Does Voicemail Matter?

By Mary Jane Copps | August 22, 2015

It started in December 2014, when Coca Cola announced that it was eliminating voicemail at head office. Then in June, Daniel Huang of The Wall Street Journal, contacted me to comment on major US banks shutting down voicemail for some internal departments. This reality – that … Read more

You Aren’t Making Enough Calls To Hit Your Quota …

By Mary Jane Copps | August 16, 2015

Welcome to a guest post by Greg Poirier. Greg’s a bit of a rock star in Canada’s startup community and a tireless advocate of picking up the phone and making things happen. In addition … he’s got a wicked sense of humour. Enjoy and share!  … and you don’t … Read more

Response: When & How to Leave the Details

By Mary Jane Copps | July 19, 2015

Welcome to a guest post by Linda Daley, owner of Daley Progress. She had an immediate reaction to my last post and agreed to share her thoughts with us. Linda helps busy business owners build relationships and their reputation through their newsletters. Read her articles on the Work … Read more

The Illusion of the Detailed Message

By Mary Jane Copps | July 12, 2015

Why do some voicemail messages result in a return call and other’s don’t? While there are a wide variety of reasons, one of the biggest contributors to the unreturned call is the detailed message. The role of the detailed message is : 1) to provide information to … Read more

#1 Reason to Refine Your Phone Skills

By Mary Jane Copps | June 28, 2015

Mid-June delivered two notable moments for The Phone Lady: 1) On Saturday June 14, my interview with freelance writer Adam McDowell was published as the Saturday feature in the National Post’s Weekend Post. This was followed, on June 16, by the full article being published online, … Read more

How I Learned to Cold Call

By Mary Jane Copps | June 14, 2015

Welcome to the first in a series of posts by Scott Davis, owner of Davis Writing Solutions, documenting his discovery of the power of phone communication. His dedication to his craft – and to embracing phone communication – is inspirational. Enjoy and share!  I’m terrified … Read more

The Beginning of the End of Voice Mail?

By Mary Jane Copps | June 7, 2015

This past week I was delighted to hear from Daniel Huang, a Wall Street Journal reporter covering the banking sector, and honoured to be included in his report on the elimination of voice mail by several major U.S. banks.  Coca Cola made the same move … Read more

What if You Changed Your Mind?

By Mary Jane Copps | May 31, 2015

“Change your thoughts, change your world” was introduced to us by Norman Vincent Peale , a minister and author who, in 1952, published The Power of Positive Thinking,  a book that garnered him a lot of criticism and created quite a bit of controversy. Today is has been translated … Read more

Solving the Persistence Puzzle

By Mary Jane Copps | May 23, 2015

Welcome to the fourth in a series of posts by Leslie Gallagher, owner of, documenting her discovery of the power of phone communication. I’ve been inspired by the joy, excitement and success she’s generated while developing her new skills – and I hope you are too. Enjoy … Read more

4 Steps = Great Vacation Message

By Mary Jane Copps | May 18, 2015

This Canadian long weekend seems like the perfect time to revisit how to create your vacation voice mail message. After all, summer vacation is coming our way! In the excitement of summer vacation – or really any vacation – people become, well, thought-less. This can … Read more

#1 Reason to Choose a Phone Conversation

By Mary Jane Copps | May 10, 2015
phone conversation

Great conversations require both active listening and thoughtful response. In public settings, such as networking events, awards dinners, even a crowded pub or restaurant, I often fail at this task. Why? Well, it’s about distraction. The word “distraction” first appeared in the 15th century and … Read more

The #1 Rule of Phone Work

By Mary Jane Copps | May 3, 2015

As with all blog posts, I’ve been thinking about this one for several days – letting images and words bump around in my head before finally sitting down to move all the thoughts into logical order. The images go all the way back to 1988 … Read more

The Truth About Phone Skills

By Mary Jane Copps | April 12, 2015

Welcome to the second in a series of posts by Leslie Gallagher, owner of, documenting her discovery of the power of phone communication. I’ve been inspired by the joy, excitement and success she’s generated while developing her new skills – and I hope you are too. Enjoy and … Read more

The Price of Arrogance

By Mary Jane Copps | April 5, 2015

I’m no stranger to arrogance . . . and neither are you. All of us, from time to time, believe we know better, have “the” answer, are smarter or more important. It ‘s human nature for our ego to occasionally take over in this way. … Read more

Networking with Your Voice

By Mary Jane Copps | March 28, 2015

Just over a month ago, I was introduced to Leslie Gallagher with a request to help her pick up the phone. Her ability to own her discomfort and her determination to learn a new skill has been inspiring. She’s agreed to share her experiences with … Read more

Expose Your Assumptions

By Mary Jane Copps | March 8, 2015

My husband is my most valuable teacher. While the lessons can sometimes be contentious and uncomfortable, they always provide me with new insight and important knowledge about myself and human nature in general. Such is the case with assumptions. For many years, any time we were in … Read more

The 3 Basics of Effective Phone Communication

By Mary Jane Copps | February 28, 2015

A dear friend of mine used to say “There are three possible answers to every question – yes, no and I don’t know.” I’m reminded of the wisdom of these words often, especially when it comes to the telephone. Effective phone communication is direct and honest. … Read more

Are You Being Vulgar?

By Mary Jane Copps | February 22, 2015

“A lack of compassion can be as vulgar as an excess of tears.” Dame Maggie Smith, as Dowager Countess of Grantham, Downton Abbey Among the many “zingers” that Dame Maggie Smith gets to deliver on Downton Abbey, this one captured my full attention. It speaks directly … Read more

Five Ways to Make a Good First Impression

By Mary Jane Copps | June 1, 2014

The month of June has arrived … and with it my deadline to complete the manuscript for my upcoming book, appropriately called The Phone Book.  And I need your help! While I’m struggling to put words in the right order for my publisher Boularderie Island Press,  I … Read more

The AABC’s of Leaving Message – Part IV

By Mary Jane Copps | March 23, 2014

We all walk away from creating long-lasting valuable relationships and increasing our revenue because we refuse to do this one thing  – the “C” of leaving messages – continue calling! Persistence is what makes things happen. Consider this quote from Steve Foran: “I took Mary … Read more

Listen, Respond, Ask for More

By Mary Jane Copps | February 23, 2014

It is vital in any business, whether in a face-to-face meeting or over the phone, that we learn more about our prospects and customers. How can we truly be of value to them, serve them, if we only work with our preconceived notions or assumptions … Read more

What Do Your Customers Hear?

By Mary Jane Copps | January 12, 2014

Happy New Year everyone! I’m certainly looking forward to an abundant and joyful 2014 and am so pleased I can share it with you. My holiday, which was perfect, did provide this week’s phone story. Our days of family, friends and food meant we did … Read more

Assumptions Limit Excellence

By Mary Jane Copps | May 26, 2013

At the Ottawa Airport this morning, someone’s boarding pass drifted past my feet as I walked to my gate. I picked it up and went over to the agents for the appropriate flight. “Good Morning, ladies,” I said to them both (it was 7 am), … Read more

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