Claudina Whisken

I am an experienced consultant and business owner with over a decade of experience in the Africa/Asia/Pacific Rim countries. After settling in Halifax I found I was spending many frustrating hours cold calling potential clients without securing many appointments, I quickly realized that I needed a better understanding of the cold calling culture in Canada. I had the pleasure of working with Mary Jane for several weeks during March. Mary Jane was diligent in understanding my business; she quickly understood the challenges I was facing and offered valuable insight coupled with some awesome ideas to improve my appointment rate. Mary Jane’s advice was sound; after putting her advice into practice, my cold calling has been focussed and appointment rate has improved by 50%. Our consultants in North America have also incorporated Mary Jane’s insight into their cold calling scripts resulting in a marked improvement in their appointment rates. Mary Jane’s knowledge saved me time and helped increase my client base, I have no hesitation in recommending Mary Jane’s services.

– Claudina Whisken, Director of Business Development, Thomas International Maritimes

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