The Phone Lady’s Best Advice in 2019

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As I’ve shared in many posts over the years, I love the business numbers, the statistics, the metrics. Technology allows all of us to look closely at the numbers behind so many of our activities.

Take this post for example … I can now see the who, when and where it is being opened and read. Amazing!

Which posts have been the most popular? Here are the Top 5 for 2019:

We Have The Technology … But We’re Not Using It!

Reports in the news recently about the City of Ottawa being scammed out of close to $100,000 reminded me of similar, much more costly mistakes at MacEwan University in Edmonton. The technology that could have prevented both of these losses has existed since 1876. Why isn’t it being used? Well, that’s a good question! What technology could have prevented these expensive losses? Why is it often ignored? Keep reading…

Please … Remind Me!

Many of us worry about whether we are “pestering” our prospects and clients. They agree to a follow-up conversation but when should we call? And how often? Two recent events provided me with answers to these questions and they may eliminate these concerns for you forever. Keep reading…

Accident-al Conversations: How Compassion Can Change Everything

On Monday afternoon at 1:20 pm, driving back to my office from a workshop in Truro, I was rear-ended at a stoplight. The next hour contained a lot of communication with a wide variety of people. Most of it was excellent. Some of it revealed a vital missing ingredient … compassion. How does compassion contribute to excellent communication? How can it be expressed in phone conversations? Keep reading…

What Does It Take to Be Heard?

For the past few years, due to my husband’s journey with Alzheimer’s, I’ve been assisting him with his duties as Power of Attorney (POA) for his mom, who also has dementia and now lives in a nursing home. We have almost completed transferring this POA to other family members, which has been – and continues to be – a very layered process. I recently found myself quite flustered … and a bit cranky … due to some miscommunication which has taught me some important lessons about my own not-so-perfect skills. What was the miscommunication? And what have I learned? Keep reading…

Overcoming Call Reluctance (Part I)

There was great feedback during my recent Dial In webinar on call reluctance. The one that stands out for me the most was from a participant who commented that they didn’t realize other people were struggling with the same issues around picking up the phone. I believe that everyone responsible for outbound calls struggles with reluctance occasionally. I certainly do. What are my favourite tips for leaving call reluctance behind? Which ones will work best for you? Keep reading…


Closing a sale is the natural outcome of inspiring great conversations and listening intently to our potential customers.

This natural approach still involves a process – a plan that moves potential customers through a journey of discovery with you. So ... what's your process? And am I the right sales coach for you? Let's find out.

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