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For over 10 years now, I’ve been admiring Mary Jane’s pithy advice and marvelling at the way she shares stories of both success and failure with insight and compassion. So, when I realized how busy she has been this week with developing new learning experiences for her clients, I asked if I could take over her blog and share some of my favourite Phone Lady quotes. I hope you’ll find them as inspiring as I have.

“While not every phone conversation I’ve had has resulted in a sale, every sale I’ve made started with a phone conversation.” (Tweet this!)

Overcoming Call Reluctance (Part II)

“Conversation is immediate; we can’t go back and edit; we can’t be perfect. Conversation demands both courage and confidence – which is why it builds relationships.” (Tweet this!)

5 Lessons in Creating Conversation

“Accents are like music. To fully embrace a new genre of music, we need time to listen, appreciate and learn. It’s the same with accents … we need time and we need to ask for that time.” (Tweet this!)

Strategies for Difficult Conversations – Part IV

“When we talk less and listen more, we create an experience of service that supports both sales and service excellence.” (Tweet this!)

5 Simple Steps To An Excellent Conversation

“Voicemail is our receptionist. It provides a powerful way to create efficiency and professional communication with clients and customers.” (Tweet this!)

Are You Ignoring Your Receptionist?

“When you ignite your own expansive curiosity about your clients and prospects, you will easily be able to keep the focus of your conversations on them.” (Tweet this!)

Are Your Conversations on Cruise Control?

“Listening is a full-focus, in-the-moment activity where you put aside assumptions, expectations and intent.” (Tweet this!)

“I’m Absolutely Loving This Conversation …”

“Today, building relationships, creating trust and maintaining loyalty require everyone to communicate with compassion.” (Tweet this!)

The Compassion Connection


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