Top Sales Skill #4 … and How to Practice It

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When it comes to things I’ve done to build my business, I’ve certainly spent a lot of time doing the wrong things.

Some of them have been things that are perfect for other businesses but not right for me. Building online courses is top of mind. There are entrepreneurs that are thriving in this space. My hours, days and weeks studying, creating and launching online courses has let me know one thing very clearly … it isn’t for me. I couldn’t find joy in the work so I knew my success would continue to be limited.

But over 10 years ago I decided to experiment with something relatively new at the time. Like the online courses, I approached it out of both fun and curiosity. I knew it might not amount to anything but I wanted to try and to learn.

It is now a constant source of revenue for me. It increases the loyalty of my existing clients and continually attracts new clients. It isn’t difficult – although it does involve some discipline. I rank it as my Top Sales Skill #4 and believe everyone should give it a try.

What is my #4 Tops Sales Skill? And how might it apply to you?

It was 2016 when I began publishing this blog on a regular basis. Admittedly, I came to this task with a background in journalism and the experience of writing a regular column. But I didn’t know anything about blogging, and I was completely unaware of its impact on both clients and prospects.

Why has it been successful for me? Well, I could credit the writing. Or the storytelling. Or the skills and ideas I share. But the simple reality is it keeps me top of mind. And being top-of-mind is a vital sales skill.

Showing up is essential. Showing up consistently is powerful. Showing up consistently with a positive outlook is even more powerful. - Jeff Olson -

I’m not advocating that everyone start a blog. I do strongly suggest that you find a way to stay in touch with both clients and prospects consistently. It works. Know that almost every blog post I write brings me new work.

Sometimes it’s a client that has been meaning to call. Sometimes it’s a prospect that gains a clearer understanding of my value. And sometimes, it’s someone who has been sent the blog by a friend or colleague and told, “This is the woman who can help you”.

Here’s a list of ideas to consider. Pick one. Practice it … for a while. (It was at least three years before my blog gained its full power.) Make it fun and know, like me with online courses, you can always change your mind and try something else.


You don’t have to write anything big. In fact, short, valuable information is preferred. If you are a business coach, dedicate your blogs to the bits of advice you give most often. If you are a plumber, write quick blogs about common problems and mistakes. If you are a baker, send out recipes for easy cakes, cookies and frostings. (I just recently discovered that 6 oz of melted chocolate chips plus a cup of sour cream makes excellent icing. Why didn’t I know about this years ago?)


Almost everyone loves a good quote and they are so easy to find these days. Use a platform like Canva or GetStencil to create a quick graphic and send out a weekly quote.


Like quotes, almost everyone loves a great photo. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, sharing beautiful pictures is a great way to connect.

Commenting on Social Media

Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, take the time to follow, share with and comment on the posts of your prospects and clients frequently.


If you are an online reader of blogs, newspapers and magazines, share links to articles you know your clients and prospects will enjoy.

Each of these does involve some work and discipline. That’s because sales involves work and discipline. But whatever you choose will result in more work coming your way and increased customer loyalty.

Of course, there are more ideas than the ones listed above. Watch the video below with my guest Linda Daley of Daley Progress where we talk about a wide range of ways for you to stay top-of-mind and how to make it happen!


Closing a sale is the natural outcome of inspiring great conversations and listening intently to our potential customers.

This natural approach still involves a process – a plan that moves potential customers through a journey of discovery with you. So ... what's your process? And am I the right sales coach for you? Let's find out.

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  1. Another great wisdom nugget! Thanks Mary Jane. The value you share with everyone through your blog along with your genuine online presence is something I aspire to.


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