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FEATURED: Sales: The Skills for Proactive Calling

Weekly 30-minute webinars that immediately improve phone conversations and book more appointments.

Ideal for busy sales teams looking for measurable improvements in their results.

The Phone Lady creates custom webinars for clients, helping both internal and remote team members establish, learn and use the best possible communication skills. From subject headings in emails to effective conference calls, and from when to choose a phone call and when to text, these webinars give teams the power to be efficient, effective and supportive of each other.

Custom webinars include all essential skills, recordings for future and continued learning, and support materials such as case studies and templates.

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Workshops, webinars, coaching and ongoing training programs

All work is customized to your specific communication challenges. Here’s a sampling of training topics:

  • Inspiring Conversations and Revealing Opportunities with Prospects and Customers
  • Phone Conversations That Book Appointments
  • Essential Phone Skills to Reach More Funders, Build Relationships and Book More Meetings
  • Essential Phone Skills for Inbound and Outbound Business Development
  • Creating Valuable Conversations with Customers ... Every Time!

I took Mary Jane's advice from a 90-minute workshop and got a return on investment of 5000%. Using her strategies and techniques, my return of 50X the workshop fee is from just one client that I had written off as not interested anymore... yeah, just one client, and I know there'll be more.

- Steve Foran, CEO, Gratitude at Work