Two Spots Available and How to Answer Your Phone

Here I am, on the eve of another week, more excited than usual. Tuesday is my full-day workshop, “Ring Ring – I Am Cold Calling” at The Chocolate Lake Hotel. This is always a fun day for everyone. Unfortunately I received two last minute cancellations on Friday, suddenly leaving me with room for two more people to attend. If you’re interested, contact me today (Monday April 12). The cost of $189 includes your workbook, breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. And of course – lots of great learning about making the most of your telephone! For more details, simply click on the tab above – workshop registration. This past Friday I spent the morning with a group of fast-thinking students at TeamWork Co-operative. I’m not sure who learned more, them or me, but we did have a good time together. One tip they all appreciated relates to how we answer our phones. I strongly recommend answering between the 2nd and 3rd rings. Why? Well, in today’s hectic world, every phone call is definitely an interruption. When we answer quickly, our annoyance at that interruption often comes through. And don’t you hate that when it happens to you, when someone answers your incoming call with irritation in their voice, as if you should have known not to call them at moment? So take the first ring to simply acknowledge that the phone is ringing. Then, stop what you are doing – sending email, writing notes, talking to a colleague. This is what the second ring allows for- freeing yourself of distractions so that you can truly concentrate on the incoming call. Remember, you want your clients and your potential clients to hear your desire to be of service when you answer your phone so, as that second ring ends, smile fully and pick up your receiver! Happy Phone Work, everyone. I’m hoping I’ll have some interesting activity on this blog beginning this week. If it happens, I may just send you an extra link, so that you can join in the fun too. All for now, TPL

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  1. Ah, and those wonderful rotary phones, with no pre-programmed phone numbers. You just had to wait for that dial to get back to zero. And you couldn’t carry it in your pocket. Or very far away from the wall socket. You couldn’t walk down the street or drive in your car. You had to just sit down at the kitchen table or couch, put your feet up, and chat.

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