What’s Popular on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is my “go to” social media network. It’s where I stay in touch with colleagues around the world and gather and read articles that support my business growth. And it’s a vital element of my sales process.

It’s also where I share my own articles and other business content. Between my direct contacts and those who follow me, my posts are available to well over 7,000 professionals.

I recently became curious about what attracted these readers this summer. It’s been fun, and eye-opening, to discover that my top three posts don’t fall into one category. There’s an article, a download and a video … and there are general communication tips, sales strategies, and customer service guidelines.

What are my top three most popular posts on LinkedIn? Are they ones you missed while enjoying your summer days?

#1. Blog post: What Alzheimer’s has Taught Me About Communication

What Alzheimer’s has Taught Me About Communication

#2. Free eBook: The Why and How of Following-up

One easy way to guarantee you’re steadily increasing your sales and revenue is to have – and follow – a sales process. And an essential part of that process is committing to following up. When we take responsibility for following up with our prospects, we prove we can be trusted. Get the ebook here.

#3. Video: Creating Focused and Successful Inbound Customer Service Calls

My training schedule consistently includes working with customer service teams. From the offices of doctors and lawyers to those handling calls for nationwide insurance, transportation and engineering companies, these tips are always appreciated.

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  • One-on-one sales process creation with business owners/entrepreneurs
  • Sales training webinars with pharmaceutical outbound sales teams
  • Sales training webinars with destination travel inbound sales teams
  • Sales training with telecommunications outbound sales team
  • Sales training on outbound calls for financial advisors
  • Creating phone communication protocols and video training program for homecare team
  • Discovery calls supporting new venture to create prototype

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