Your Job Search Super Power – Step 5: Brush Up On Your Phone Skills

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Picking up the phone and speaking with the appropriate managers and supervisors at the companies you’ve researched is the best way to tap into the hidden job market. But it can be a big challenge.

When I send texts, emails and DMs, not only can I write and rewrite a message as many times as I want but I can also take my time, use autocorrect and even look up synonyms if I’m feelin’ it.

When I dial a number and the phone starts to ring, I have one chance to say what I want and get it right.

Talk about nerve-racking. How do I overcome these nerves?

Instead of relying on myself to remember what to say, I write an opening that guides me through the call. The best part is, I can re-write it as many times as I want!

Here are my opening rules, colour-coded to the example beneath.

1) Start by introducing yourself. In a world where we are overwhelmed with information, be personable. This will help alleviate defensiveness in the person you are calling.

2) Explain why you are calling them.

3) Explain why you are calling them. Them first, you second.

4) End the pitch with an open-ended question. Something that leaves no room for 1-worded answers.

Note: Keeping this opening under 20 seconds will display your respect for their time and keep their attention.

Here’s a sample opening for your job search:

Hi Johanne, This is Miriam Jobin calling. The reason for my call today… I was reading about your company in the Chamber magazine and I realized you have an outbound sales team. I have extensive experience in outbound sales and I’m wondering, when are you hiring next?

Do you ever write scripts for your calls? What helps you feel less nervous?


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